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Gryphon’s detailed claim review process was designed to specifically account for each payer’s unique methodologies, requirements, and most importantly, tactics for denying or under-paying claims.  Our detailed analytics fuel plan-specific interventions, with all the needed data to realize an optimal settlement on your behalf. We have the expertise you need. Contact us to get started today.

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Extensive education and training to learn the meticulous documentation and coding practices needed as a first line of defense against denials is our first order of business. We work hands-on with physicians and front-end staff, teaching our proven processes and workflows to reduce denials.

When a denial does happen, Gryphon is equipped to manage them on your behalf. We work each claim individually, communicating personally with payers on a daily basis to facilitate prompt payment for services rendered. Additionally, each claim has an accountable team member who provides detailed reports that track these denials so you’re always aware of where we are in the process. We do not settle for poor reimbursement rates. Where other RCM companies stop, we continue to fight until we obtain fair and optimal reimbursement for you!

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