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We focus on the health of
your business

So you can focus on the health of your patients.

Revenue cycle, coding and compliance, and consulting services for emergency departments and physicians, private practices, facilities, and healthcare imaging.










Are you missing out on Money you’re owed?

Revenue cycle management can be a nightmare for any healthcare group. Keeping up with coding and compliance, payer negotiations, and collections is critical to ensuring you have the cash flow you need for daily operations. The problem is focusing on your revenue cycle takes. time and energy away from the care you provide patients and can ultimately hurt your healthcare business.


Coding & Compliance

Get optimal reimbursement with the correct coding and compliance when submitting claims.

Revenue Cycle Management

Maximize reimbursement and shorten the pay cycle between payers and patients to optimize your cash flow.


Consulting Services

Improve patient experience, have legal experts on your side, access provider education opportunities, and develop processes and procedures to ensure efficient operations.









We’ll take care of the billing
so you can take care of your patients.


What if you had experts on your team to manage your revenue cycle so you could focus on your patients?

Gryphon Healthcare makes it possible. Our hands-on specialists are based in the U.S. and work with your team to ensure you receive optimal  payer reimbursement, your billing is prompt and collected on time, and your patients love coming to you—so much so that they tell others about it!

We understand.

We’re healthcare professionals, too.

We know you didn’t go into healthcare to focus on pay cycles and insurance coding; you went into it to make a difference in the lives of your patients. We get it—our team is full of healthcare professionals, too. We’ve learned the ins and outs from years of experience, and now we’re here to help you. Schedule a call today. And in the meantime, download our free resource to help you determine if outsourcing your revenue cycle management is right for you!

Here’s how we do it:


  1. Schedule a call with our team and we’ll talk through your needs and how we can help.
  2. We’ll assign a Gryphon Team and Team Lead to work with you. We’ll send weekly reports and set up a dashboard for you on our proprietary tool that will allow you to monitor real-time progress.
  3. You’ll start seeing shortened revenue cycles, and higher reimbursements with coding and compliance that is all up to date.


Schedule a call today! And in the meantime, we’ve put together a free resource for your to review to determine how outsourcing can help your healthcare organization.


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Schedule a call today with one of our revenue cycle experts and we’ll discuss how Gryphon Healthcare can help you shorten your revenue cycles today, and make sure you’re receiving all the reimbursements you’re due!

Please contact us to anonymously report suspected fraud at 832-220-1290 or by email at compliance@gryphonhc.com.