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Payer negotiation and contract management.

Data-driven strategies for optimal results.

Payer Negotiation.

Gryphon Healthcare can provide your Practice with detailed contract management data and negotiation strategies to arm you with all the tools necessary to achieve a profitable contract. Our client portal produces reports that allow us to monitor the reimbursement performance of each contract to ensure that the negotiated rates are being paid and will notify our A/R team of any underpaid charges for tracking through the claim process.


Coding & Compliance

When not done correctly, you could be leaving money on the table. Gryphon Healthcare’s expert ensure that never happens.

Revenue Cycle Management

With an outsourced team on your side, you can shorten the time between billing and reimbursement.


Consulting Services

From patient experience to hiring and culture development, we lean on our first-hand experience as healthcare workers to help your business grow.

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