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Improve the Health of Your Bottom Line

Running an urgent care, your number one priority is treating your patients quickly. While volume is critical to your income model, your billing and coding practices are KEY to ensuring your income is maximized and you aren’t leaving money on the table.

The problem is that a healthy revenue cycle requires a team of people with solid front desk processes to capture patient and insurance information, strong payer contracts, complete information to ensure you capture all charges, using correct codes/code modifiers, and claims management for denied or unpaid claims. And this team can be costly to hire and manage in-house.

We’ve been in your shoes! With our personal experience as clinicians and practitioners, we started Gryphon Healthcare to help urgent care practices like yours, implement billing processes and procedures to maximize reimbursement at a more economical rate that an in-house team.

Here’s how It Works:

  1. Your practice is assigned an urgent care specialty team who will review your current billing practices, and implement workflows that will improve efficiencies and capture more income for your practice.
  2. While you have the collective resources of our entire company at your fingertips, you’ll only pay for the services you need, and we’ll scale up and down based on your volume.
  3. The health of your bottom line will increase significantly by optimizing your reimbursement and decreasing your costs.

Ready to get started? Schedule a call today! And in the meantime, take a look at the resource we’ve put together a white paper about how to assess the health of your urgent care’s revenue cycle.

Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Health Assessment

Every day, your urgent care practice assess and treats the patients that walk through your door. But who is assessing the health of your practice? A healthy revenue cycle has several components that, when working at their best, will ensure you’re maximizing insurance reimburesement and patient payments. Download our Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Health Assessment to get a better idea of how healthy your urgent care is today.