Revenue cycle management firm helping healthcare organizations maximize reimbursement and revenue.

We Deliver

Solutions-Driven Services

We are healthcare professionals. We are billing specialists. We understand your business and your goals. That’s what drives our solutions-driven revenue cycle and management services.


Coding & Compliance

When not done correctly, you could be leaving money on the table. Gryphon Healthcare’s expert ensure that never happens.

Revenue Cycle Management

With an outsourced team on your side, you can shorten the time between billing and reimbursement.


Consulting Services

From patient experience to hiring and culture development, we lean on our first-hand experience as healthcare workers to help your business grow.

How We’re Different.

Gryphon Healthcare isn’t like any other revenue cycle or management company. We’re medical professionals. We started our careers as nurses and physicians and understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities, physician groups and practices. Likewise, we’ve been patient advocates and understand the delicate juggling act of putting patients’ needs first while also answering to investors or a board of directors – after all, healthcare is still a business. Gryphon healthcare understands all these things and delivers solutions that work for all parties involved. Call us today to find out how we can help you!

Ready to Get Started?
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Schedule a call today with one of our revenue cycle experts and we’ll discuss how Gryphon Healthcare can help you shorten your revenue cycles today, and make sure you’re receiving all the reimbursements you’re due!

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