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Revenue Cycle Management

Improve Cash flow. Manage A/r and Denials.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize your Revenue Cycle

Time and again, we’re told by healthcare providers that the number one problem in their organization – be it a hospital, ambulatory surgery center, freestanding emergency room, physician group or administrative department – is managing cash flow. A problem that is made all the more complex by increased regulation, coding requirements, managing claims and reimbursement, value-based reimbursement, and skyrocketing patient financial responsibilities. And, time and again, Gryphon is able to provide proven, end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle management solutions that not only improve cash flow, but also minimizes inefficiencies in workflow.

Powerful Informative Analytics

Having the correct data is required to make the best, well-informed decisions. Our advanced reporting tools provide analytics into every area of your operations while our data analysts review the data, prepare custom visualization for your leadership, and provide actionable insights that allow you to make well informed, fact-based decisions.

Management Assistance for a/r and denials

Collecting payment for the services you provide can sometimes feel like a full-time job, and probably not the one you thought you were signing up for as a healthcare provider. Partnering alongside our analytics machine is a team of experienced A/R specialists who have been trained to negotiate claims with tenacity and passion and to leverage our experience in the healthcare industry to help you get paid faster.

Each payer gets a dedicated team assigned to them whose sole focus is working to identify patterns in denials and automatic down coding. This allows us to take a more aggressive and personalized approach to delinquent claims management, aggregated claims processing and complaint filing with the various state and federal regulatory agencies that oversee unfair payment patterns.

We do not simply resubmit the claim. We guarantee that each and every denied claim is worked personally by a team member via phone calls and individually written letters in pursuit of full payment. Our goal is to ensure you receive timely and optimal reimbursement for the valuable care your team provided!

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