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Gryphon’s detailed claim review process was designed to specifically account for each payer’s unique methodologies, requirements and most importantly tactics for denying or under-paying claims.  Our detailed analytics fuel plan-specific interventions, with all the needed data to realize an optimal settlement on your behalf. We have the expertise you need. Contact us to get started today.



Reimbursement coding is the process of translating physician and nursing documentation into billing codes. Accurate and compliant coding is the cornerstone of achieving optimal and compliant revenue. Many billing companies fail to invest in quality coding. At Gryphon, all our coders are certified and have a minimum of three years or more of specialty specific coding experience. Importantly, we invest regularly in their continued professional advancement and education. An investment that adds real value to our client’s bottom line.

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Coders have to read the subtle clues to the physician’s thoughts about the case and must translate those thoughts into each payer’s own language.

Consider this, in just the emergency department, there are more than 500 distinct physician services rendered in the emergency department that can be reported for reimbursement purposes, and an endless number of ways that these are documented by emergency physicians.

The key to capturing all billable revenue is to understand what each service is and what documentation is considered acceptable and complaint by each payer.

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Integrity requires a commitment to doing the right thing the first time and every time. As a matter of corporate compliance, we follow all applicable Federal, State and County government regulations and the provisions of your Practice’s agreements with third party payers. We administer a proprietary compliance program that is more stringent than the medical billing compliance model published by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).

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